Teaching Financial Literacy

Financial LiteracyDue to recent economic conditions there is an increasing number of organizations that provide educators that specialize in teaching financial literacy and money management skills.

For those interested in teaching financial literacy there are many ways you can become involved. Right now there are many opportunities for you to begin to share a practical financial education with those that need this training. There are volunteer opportunities that will give you instruction on how you can providing others a practical financial education and teaching money management skills through a variety of nonprofit organizations or create your own financial education business.

The demand for those skilled in teaching financial education courses has never been higher. You can begin to give others the gift of picking up money management skills.

Nonprofit Organizations. Nonprofit organizations from across the country are receiving financial education grants and impacting the lives of millions nationwide. Groups like Junior Achievement have been giving the gift of money management skills since 1916. Operation HOPE is another national origination that has been teaching financial literacy in underserved areas.

On a more grassroots level, NCMSC Support Center has been going into schools and teaching financial literacy to youth of all ages. And the Brockman Educational Institute hosts Travel 4 Education events that teach personal finance and help junior high student choose careers they may be interested in.

Another organization that is making big strides providing people practical money management skills is the financial literacy and education commission.

Government Programs. The financial literacy and education commission is a government program with the stated mission of providing financial education resources for all Americans. The financial literacy and education commission is an advocate of providing money management skills.

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act established the financial literacy and education commission and they provide a broad spectrum of services to help people from all walks of life. The financial literacy and education commission offers financial education grant, money management skill resources and is an advocate of teaching financial money management.

To many the financial literacy and education commission has helped them pick up life changing money management skills and has helped many families out of impoverished situations. Through financial education grants and other resources the financial literacy and education commission is making a difference in the lives of those that need to pick up practical money management skills.

Private Companies. If you are interested in starting a business where you are teaching financial literacy and money management skills, there are many resources through a variety of private companies.

There are a few organizations that will provide training and certify you as a financial educator while providing turnkey solutions to financial literacy needs.

These companies provide you the tools necessary to begin teaching financial literacy and help people pick up money management skills. A few areas you may want to explore include: financial literacy curriculum, turnkey workshops / camps, financial educator training and more.

Close look at the opportunities that financial education companies can offer. Talk with their certified financial education trainer and inquire to their years of experience and see if their teaching philosophy matches yours.

There are some companies teach person finance more off theories. While others emphasize a more practical financial education to help client develop real world money management skills. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and that matches your learning styles.

Before you begin teaching financial literacy & providing people practical money management skills be sure to do your homework and select a company that fits you and your goals best.

The Benefits Of Development Finance

Development FinancePeople tend to confuse Development Finance with Commercial mortgages, which is more than easily done as the two do tend to overlap one another. Development finance is where an individual or company/business is looking to develop property/properties and have some capital but need a short term loan to help complete the development. Depending upon the lender and the circumstance, such loans normally span between 12-24 months. Commercial Mortgages are different in that they are a form of replacing the short term development finance loan when additional funds are needed. Hence, Development Finance and Commercial Mortgages do tend to overlap. Despite the “Credit Crunch”, Development Finance is rapidly becoming more main-stream and is a very specific type of finance. Development finance is an extremely active market, with businesses wanting to expand for survival during the economic downturn. There are many high street lenders out there and therefore there is a wide variety of development finance specialists available to the consumer. It is recommended that you seek professional advice in order to find the right deal for you.

Development Finance can be used for Property Refurbishment, New Build Projects and Property Conversions but can also be used as funding towards international development plans and initial land purchases. Development Finance usually comes in many different guises, which undoubtedly fuels the confusion surrounding this method of financial assistance. For example, a Senior Debt Loan usually covers the first 70% – 80% of loan to value although it can be arranged against gross development value. A Mezzanine Loan is a second charge loan on top of the senior debt loan, usually used to fund costs on one property while a developers financial resources are tied up elsewhere. Finally, Joint Venture 100% Finance contracts you with an experienced partner who underwrites the project and shares the profits upon completion.

Property development is about having a vision; it’s about understanding the market and turning that vision into a reality. However, developers often have problems getting the finance right and knowing what products are available and which lenders to use can be confusing. The forms of development finance are dependent upon personal circumstance, for example whether you are a company wishing to expand, a home owner hoping to develop, or a home owner looking to start anew. Community projects also use this form of finance in supporting people and businesses in disadvantaged communities, both in the UK and worldwide. Therefore, Development Finance is determined entirely upon an individual assessment made by the lender. All aspects of the development proposal have to be faultless in the eyes of the lender before they agree to provide funding. Lenders look meticulously at development characteristics such as land purchase, ground work, labour and services, first and second fix and then sign off. In the difficult current market, lenders have to be more careful when choosing which developers to back; they are much more likely to support a developer with experience in the field than someone new to the industry.

Development Finance lenders are there to build a relationship with the developer in order to share their vision and provide the support needed to make that vision a reality. The loan can cover costs such as building costs, labour and can often include any architect costs and other professional fee’s such as wages and drawings. Property development loans will be secured against the land or the property you wish to develop. Traditional forms usually require a 20%-30% deposit, whereas more recent forms are now available for debt, to release equity or mezzanines.

Loan to Value rates and interest rates vary depending upon experience and percentage of funds required for development. Benefits of this form of finance includes that each development case is assessed on its own merit and it’s a form of finance that can be raised quickly, putting your development project into fruition as soon as possible. Furthermore, the development lender will be on hand to support the client with advice on their development throughout the process and the same person, who authorises the funds, will work with the client to manage throughout the Development Programme. No matter what you decide to do with your completed project, whether you plan to sell in order to start the next project or whether you retain the project for investment purposes, Development Finance is a flexible solution to suit your financial needs.

Financial Advisory Services

Financial AdvisoryCertified Financial Planner Certification is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, Most of forex advisory services have the facility of sending short- and intermediate-term spot forex and currency futures recommendations, In todays increasingly competitive market, many CPA and Financial Planning firms are feeling that if they do not market. One of its most attractive features is that a unit trust will invest your money across a range of different kinds of investments. The usual reason for interest in any specific investment bank include: (a) a strong platform, which means strong coverage teams. The properties showcased by the Aspire service are added to the Emerges database after close consultation with the property owners. You want to start a business but have no money to start a business. Well there are many players who offer business loan services in the market.

Securities are created and issued by corporate bodies and governments, which are in need of funds to finance expansion or development projects. Network, a business division of NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd., was established in year 2003 as a dedicated platform offering comprehensive services and support to the independent financial advisors. The financial crisis triggered aggressive and innovative central bank policy responses globally. In the US, we’re familiar with the Fed’s various emergency lending programs. The other hat is the BPO Center of Excellence. To explain how this evolved: when we started really looking across the business we realized that although many departments were starting to do outsourcing. An asset management solutions company aims to add value in your business by exploiting market inefficiencies in the areas of relative value. The most common debt planning advice from experienced financial advisers is to only spend what you can afford. Economically, these disasters can be devastating locally but are almost never big enough to sink national or global economies and, thus, aren’t big enough to derail global stocks. Versatility in the services offered by the chartered accountants is what makes them the most professional financial advisors.

Our recent economic crisis was the result of both irresponsible actions on Wall Street, and everyday choices on Main Street. The government wants the banks to lend more. Banks like lending. Lending is profitable for banks. The government wants to deter risky behavior by increasing taxes. Advisors to privately held businesses play a critical role in this Exit Strategies process. Privately held businesses have limited resources. Many financial dailies, business channels and even trading experts on the social networking sites provide real time trading advice continuously till the closing bell rings. The power of a penny stock is the fact that the shares are normally priced so low that there is an incredible amount of leverage available to the investor. A business owners exit is a once-in-a-lifetime transformation. Were not talking about selling a house or a car. In closing, most business owners will make up their minds to do something when they are good and ready to do so.

Home Loan A Wise Finance Option

Home LoanWe start planning and saving funds to buy our dream house, the day we start earning. There is hardly any other asset which provides people with so much security, other than their own house. Home loan has made home buying feasible, convenient and beneficial. Now, even if an individual does not have a large amount of money in the bank account, he or she can still buy a house. Home loan enables you to purchase property by making the initial downpayment. The remaining chunk of the loan is paid by the means of EMI (Equated Monthly Installment).
Banks and financial companies today give the option of home construction loan or home improvement loan. Sometimes people also apply for a home extension loan. Home loan programs that have beneficial features usually cover the cost of decorating the house as well, along with financing the property. However, not all lenders provide this facility.
The ratio of the inflow and outflow of your monthly income is an instrumental factor in determining financial stability. However, when this ratio gets disproportionate, financial crisis knocks in. Home loans help you to manage your finances while letting you become the master of a beautiful house. In case you have a land and want to get a house constructed as per your requirement, apply for a home construction loan. For refurbishing and renovation, banks give home improvement loan as well. The facility of repaying home loan via EMI every month is a convenient way to manage your other expenditures as well.
Home loan interest rates play a vital role in providing benefits to the loan applicant. Your loan program will be a wise option for you only if you manage to get reasonable home loan rates. The rate of interest is the prime determinant for the magnitude of your EMI. Hence, if the interest rate is higher the amount of the monthly EMI will increase. Also, the limit of home loan will depend upon your current income and employment status.
Taking a home loan to purchase property gives you tax benefits as well. Mostly, the people who have home loan repayment reflecting on their credit reports are exempted from paying tax, by the government. So, it makes much sense to spend a certain amount of money every month to pay EMI, instead of the rent. At the end of the tenure, you atleast have the certainty to get a house. However, as a tenant you are only squandering away your valuable money and filling the landlords pocket, with no promise of returns.
Many financial institutions have come up with attractive schemes and features, which have made home loans even more convenient. Some companies provide the facility of property search. In this case, along with providing loan amount for buying the property, the bank or financial company also helps in searching the appropriate property for its customer.
With the changing trends in the financial sector, home loan has become a sensible and affordable option for purchasing house.

Different Models Of Car Finance Options Available To Customers

Finance OptionIt is quite normal for the people to buy the cars on finance. The cars price is not paid upfront in full in the normal practice. People take recourse to the financing options available to them so that they are not troubled to take the so much money out from their pockets in one go. Rather, they opt for taking a car loan and paying monthly instalments to the finance companies. This car finance arrangement is beneficial for the car makers, car users and even the finance companies. Car makers have more sales, car users fulfil their aspirations and the finance companies act as a crucial bridge between the supplier and end-consumer earning commissions.

If you are looking to have a car of your own choice, you can fulfil your wish without hurting your pocket or making out-of-turn expenses. The car finance companies have different models of working. You can select the one which suits you the best-for personal use cars or for business cars. Here are some of the common models of engagement:

1. Car Lease: In this model, the financer will purchase the car and hold the title to it. It will give the car to the customer for a monthly lease. When the residual life of the car is over, it can be sold at an auction. If the price received at auction is less than the one determined by the official regulator, then the customer shall make good the loss to the finance company. The rationale behind this is simple, that the financer did not want the car for his own use and was a way to facilitate the customer to drive in his sown car. So, there is no reason for him to sustain losses.

2. Hire Purchase arrangement: In hire purchase arrangement, the title of the car is drawn in customer’s name only after he has paid the full amount of instalments and all the instalments. The car finance company holds the ownership or title in this case as well but the open of auction is not open.

3. Chattel Mortgage: In this model of car loan arrangement, the financer does not hold the title to the car. Rather, it is the customer who has the ownership of the car with him from the very beginning. The finance companies do, however, have a charge on the asset because they have provided the loan to the customer for purchasing the car.

4. Packaging the car with the salary of the employee: Many companies have this arrangement called the Novated Car lease arrangement. In this, the employee chooses the car and the employer pays for the car instalment from the salary account of the employee. If the employee leaves, the car and its obligations go with the employee and are passed on the next employer, if he or she so desires.
Due to the different natures of these arrangements, it is important that the customer inquires about the incidence of taxation (sales tax, income tax, etc) and the quantum of the same before opting for any one of these car finance options.

American Express Survey Of Global Finance Leaders

A resounding 94% of Indian finance leaders surveyed expect to see economic expansion. A similar number, 94%, expect to increase spending and investment either aggressively or moderately.

85% of companies, surveyed from India, reported revenues higher than last year and 74% of them expect to continue their growth story due to the improved economic sentiment in the country.

At 38%, the survey found Indias finance leaders twice as bullish as their global peers (worldwide average 17%)to boost top-line revenues by spending and investing aggressively. In comparison, 28% of finance leaders from China see aggressive investment and spending ahead. India also leads the way in terms of improving production efficiency and business intelligence and analytics with 45% of respondents planning increased investment.

Ms. Saru Kaushal, Country Business Head, Global Corporate Payments, American Express said,”The survey endorses the high level of optimism around the domestic economy. It appears companies are enthused by the development agenda of the government and planning to increase spending and investment across business functions while seeking gains in productivity and efficiency.

As a global leader in payment, American Express works with businesses to help them find the expense management solutions that can best meet their needs. While senior finance executives focus on smart strategies to drive future growth for their businesses, we partner to streamline processes and transform them into opportunities for savings, control, and efficiency. added Ms. Kaushal.

Indian finance leaders most optimistic about economy

84% of Indian finance leaders polled say exports will drive growth for their company.
India stands highest at 66%, among the countries which Indian respondents look at, for expanding business activities including sourcing, distribution, production and/or outsourcing.
More than half of those polled from India, or 56%, cited that domestic political changes may have positive impact on their company.

Indian finance leaders upbeat of investments and expansion

Of the Indian finance leaders polled, 94% look at increasing their spending and investment to drive their top-line.
25% of the Indian finance leaders expect spending and investments to increase by 10-15% while more than half the respondents, or 54%, see 15 to more than 30% increase.
81% of Indian finance leaders say that fresh spending and investments would help their companies enter new markets. Three out of every four finance leaders felt that it could help in acquisitions or new business partnerships.
72% of the Indian respondents say that the fresh investments would help maintain their market share and improve the returns for shareholders. 69% opine that it could help in better serving their customer needs.

Investing in IT and Big Data Analytics to increase customer service and drive profitability

Finance leaders from across the globe have stressed on the need to leverage cutting edge IT solutions, with emphasis on cloud computing solutions, in serving customers and adding value to their businesses. Indian finance leaders resonated this belief with 44% of them saying that spending on cloud computing will form a critical component of their increased spending on technology apart from enterprise level IT Systems (41%) and business intelligence and data analysis capabilities (34%).
A move to mobile first mindset is also evident among the Indian financial minds. Nearly 69% of respondents from India say that the use of mobile technologies can significantly enhance customer service. 50% of them believe that such an investment would have a positive impact on sales.

Choosing Certified Financial Planner As Career

Choosing a career is one of the most important decision for the youths. It is the most crucial period of life. It is lengthy procedure which makes one life, so if you are on the way to begin your life time achievements, certified financial planning is the best option one should follow.

A Certified Financial Planner, or CFP, basically is a financial professional who meets the requirements set up by the CFP Board of Standards. If you enjoy studying maths, economics and finance with full interest than career in certified financial planning is the best option for you.

Because of the economy and economic depression most of the people have started targeting on their finances and finding out different ways to maximize their savings and income without any major loss. Hence the demand and need of financial planners has increased, everyone or the other is seeking out financial planner experts for their guidance and help to meet the defined financial goals.

The career as a financial planner starts with certified financial planning course which is done after completing the bachelor’s degree in either finance, maths, economics, accounting or statistics. After completing graduation, you can further continue to complete several courses according to your choice and interest with future planning ahead. Several courses can be done in estate / tax / investment planning or finance law. This short term courses will be helpful to you in completing certified financial planning course.

Then in order to achieve certified financial planning course, you must met following requirements which are as follows :-

1.Complete Education Requirement :- Complete all the basic requirements to opt this course and also CFP Board Registered Education Program.
2.You will receive a transcript review, keep it safe with you.
3.After that prepare and try your best to pass CFP certification Examination.
4.Try pursuing three years of work experience for the certification.
5.After that you must be also eligible to pass the CFP Board’s Candidate Fitness Standards, which is also very important and help you in achieving certification.
6.All the certification fees must be paid on time.
7.Upon completion of all the formalities and payment, CFP certificants will receive authorization and designation as CFP
8.Continuing Education should be completed as per CFP Board.

To select certified financial planning course as your career ahead, do some Internet searches on search engines like google, yahoo, bing. Look into local yellow page directories, contact financial planner, read reviews of financial planners. Try having a word with them or set up meeting with them if you are serious about your career.

All these certifications will be required by you to continue for further academic qualifications and to maintain your probability in the financial planning field. Usually the educational program may consist of few classes annually or so, with the aim keeping in mind to update planners regarding the latest knowledge and make sure they keep their skills sharp at all times. In addition, a financial planner will need to fulfill some specific specifications and regulations besides acting upon good faith.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (yge) – Financial And Strategic Swot Analysis Review

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (Yingli Green Energy) is a Chinese solar PV manufacturer. It engages in the design, manufacture and sale of solar photovoltaic products. The company also designs, assembles, sells, and installs solar PV systems that are connected to an electricity transmission grid as well as to stand-alone systems. The company covers the entire value chain of solar PV industry from designing to manufacturing of multicrystalline polysilicon ingots, wafers, cells, modules, and systems as well as providing system installation services. The company caters its products and services to global markets, including Germany, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Belgium, France, China, and the US. Yingli Green Energy is headquartered in Baoding, China. ( http://www.companyprofilesandconferences.com/report/Yingli-Green-Energy-Holding-Company-Limited-YGE-Financial-and-Strategic-SWOT-Analysis-Review.html )

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited Key Recent Developments

Nov 23, 2011: Yingli Green Energy Reports Revenues Of RMB4.3 Billion In Q3 2011
Nov 21, 2011: Yingli Green Energy And CIT Announce Strategic Financing Relationship
Oct 18, 2011: Westinghouse Solar Releases Andalay Groove Mounting System For Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Yingli Green Energy And Sharp Solar Panels
Oct 10, 2011: Yingli Green Energy Announces New And Improved Warranty Terms
Sep 19, 2011: Yingli Green Energy Announces Changes To Board And Committees

This comprehensive SWOT profile of Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the companys businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled by GlobalData to bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the companys key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better.

The profile contains critical company information including:

– Business description A detailed description of the companys operations and business divisions.
– Corporate strategy Analysts summarization of the companys business strategy.
– SWOT Analysis A detailed analysis of the companys strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
– Company history Progression of key events associated with the company.
– Major products and services A list of major products, services and brands of the company.
– Key competitors A list of key competitors to the company.
– Key employees A list of the key executives of the company.
– Executive biographies A brief summary of the executives employment history.
– Key operational heads A list of personnel heading key departments/functions.
– Important locations and subsidiaries A list and contact details of key locations and subsidiaries of the company.
– Detailed financial ratios for the past five years The latest financial ratios derived from the annual financial statements published by the company with 5 years history.
– Interim ratios for the last five interim periods The latest financial ratios derived from the quarterly/semi-annual financial statements published by the company for 5 interims history.
For more information kindly visit : http://www.companyprofilesandconferences.com/report/Yingli-Green-Energy-Holding-Company-Limited-YGE-Financial-and-Strategic-SWOT-Analysis-Review.html


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The Equipment Finance Lease In Canada Eliminating Rough Waters In Asset Financing

The equipment finance lease is by far the most popular method of asset financing in Canada. Although paying for an asset in this matter is ‘ cash going out ‘ vs. ‘ cash going in ‘ this method of finance allows businesses in Canada to acquire assets and technology needed to run and grow their business. ( Note Businesses can achieve ‘ cash in’ status via a sale leaseback strategy )

While mostly positive, and we hesitate to use he word ‘ negative ‘ there are some issues that need to be understood by the owner/manager. It’s all about handling the truth we suppose – let’s dig in.

Unless your lease properly reflects the option to own the asset at the end of the term lease financing is all about ‘ using’ an asset. Small to medium size lease financings have some fairly basic issues attached to the documentation; if you don’t know the basics of these you can over pay / over spend on lease financing. And by the way, they are all negotiable!

And those basics? They are:

Amortization term of the lease


Purchase Option

Termination abilities

For asset financings in the SME Commercial area documentation around lease contracts is fairly simple these days – lessors have strived to eliminate paperwork. Larger transactions and ‘ Master Lease ‘ agreements tend to be more complicated.

Many business owners and financial managers don’t fully investigate ‘ operating leases. A good way to understand these is to think of it as a lease for an asset where the life of the lease term is almost always shorter than the expected life of the asset. One of the most common asset classes financed by operating leases is ‘ Technology / Computers’

While the appeal of the ‘ off balance sheet ‘ aspect of operating leases has pretty well bitten the dust it’s still a great way to upgrade, replace and add on to existing tech assets.

While lessors in Canada scream ‘ benefits ‘ (flexibility, cash flow, alternate credit sources, tax implications) a more balanced approach is to ensure the potential downside.

Those ‘ downside’ issues include:

Potential non ownership of the asset

Termination costs if you are forced to exit a lease for business reasons

Cost (rates tied to leases are more often than not higher than pure bank loans/borrowings)

When we talk to clients about ‘ handling the truth ‘ in those downside issues it’s important to realize they are all manageable and hardly overwhelming if understood at inception.

If you’re looking for ‘ smoother waters’ in your equipment finance lease needs seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in matching proper asset financing solutions to your needs.

Stan Prokop

Different Sources Of Finance Free Interesting Articles

I am very sure that your chase for different sources of finance has arrived to an end as you study this article. Yes, those days are gone when we have to search continuously for different sources of finance information or other such information like banking, stocks, finance websites or even mba finance. Even without articles such as this, with the Internet all you have to do is plot on and use any of the search engines to find the different sources of finance information that you required.

Changing your monetary future cannot happen overnight, especially if you aren’t willing to make sure adjustments to your planning, lifestyle and expenditures. However , for those prepared to do so, the benefits will last well beyond your own lifetime and have an affect on your family for generations to come.

The area of accounting concerned with the collection of finance information to be used in making and reporting an organization’s financial results to external parties, including backers and executive agencies.

The mission of the Financial accounting standards Advisory is to build and improve standards of monetary accounting and reporting to guide and educate securities issuers, auditors, and stockholders.

I know that as informative as this article is, it might not adequately cover your different sources of finance quest. If this is so, don’t forget that the search engines exist for looking up more information about different sources of finance.

Handling finances is the most significant thing that we need to look into. Finances must be planned well to keep away from difficulties. Handling your debt is as critical as managing your savings. Your arrears can get you in deep difficulty if you do no look after them. Plan your debt relief.

First, financial industry mergers continue within each major line of business. Second, many leading firms see advantages in becoming diversified financial services empires, offering multiple lines of business.

One of the best methods to find potential planners is by speaking to others. If you already have an accountant, ask if they know of any planners that could aid with your situation. Check with friends and family or anyone else that you trust for referrals as well . It’s way better to get some first-hand proposals before scouring the phone book or net.

We discovered that many people who were also searching for information related to different sources of finance also searched online for related information such as unsecured finance, mobile home financing green tree, and even finance companies.